April 25, 2010

"There's no such constellation"

Antichrist explained:
Von Trier peels away the veneer of a domesticated, civilised religion and shows us the human condition as it appears in the darker, more pessimistic aspects of the Christian tradition, suggesting a fall into evil which plunges man, woman and nature into a state of savage alienation and violence.
STILL Charlotte Gainsbourg and the “three beggars”, nature's unChristian trinity. We're near the brutal end. I suspect my own feelings come close to this, from Ty Burr in the Boston Globe: “Like a nightmare you recall during waking hours, and then only in its vast outlines, Antichrist has the power to haunt beyond words.” But I also think that Bergman -- of The Virgin Spring, Persona and Through a Glass Darkly, which might in some way combine to form Antichrist -- would have been a better dedicatee than Tarkovsky.